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Product development process shown with flat icons and text description
from deck Pipe Flow Chart Diagrams (PPT Template)

Example Graphics - Product Development Stages

Slide Content

The slide presents the "Product Development Stages," starting with "Idea Generation and Screening," which is conceiving new product ideas and filtering out feasible ones. The next stage is "Market Research," which involves gathering data on consumer needs and preferences. This is followed by "Concept Development," where the idea is turned into a workable product plan. The "Product Design and Development" phase involves creating the prototypes and designs for production. "Testing" is where the product undergoes rigorous checks for quality and performance. Finally, "Launching" represents the introduction of the product to the market.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dark industrial background with subtle gear shapes.
  • A multicolored pipeline graphic flows across the slide, representing the product development process.
  • There are six numbered stages, each with a corresponding icon and text box to describe the stage:
  • Light bulb icon for Idea Generation and Screening.
  • Magnifying glass icon for Market Research.
  • Downward arrow in a circle icon for Concept Development.
  • Gears icon for Product Design and Development.
  • Timer icon for Testing.
  • Rocket icon for Launching.
  • The pipeline graphic changes colors as it progresses from one stage to the next, visually distinguishing each phase.
  • Each stage is marked with a numbered circle placed within the pipeline.

The slide has a professional and modern design that's visually engaging. The use of color and icons effectively distinguishes each stage of the development process and enhances comprehension.

Use Cases

  • Presenting a new product development plan in business meetings.
  • Training employees on the stages of product development.
  • Showcasing the life cycle of a product during a marketing or sales pitch.
  • Using as an explanatory tool for investors or stakeholders to understand the company‚Äôs product pipeline.

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