Strategic Management Pillars Infographics PPT
from deck Strategy Management Pillars Graphic (PPT Template)

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Strategic management pillars infographics with company core values. The first pillar shows the customer focus – existing clients and key leads, along with ensuring a quality service. The second pillar represents the solutions, like developing innovative solutions and using technology as a competitive advantage. As a third pillar, the people represent it with talent development and employee branding activities. Monetization means ensuring the profitability and sustainability of operations and investments in the fourth strategic pillar, while the last one represents the operations – ensuring operational excellence in all core business areas. Use this presentation if you are working with strategy management, and explain the core strategy that would insure a smooth workflow. You can download this template in Google Slides and Keynote too.

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Pillars Diagram, Color Coding, Enumeration List, White Background

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