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Total general government expenditure by function, EU-27, 2012 (% of GDP)

Slide Content

The slide presents a breakdown of the European Union's general government spending as a percentage of GDP by function for the year 2012. The largest share is Social protection at 19.9%, followed by General public services (6.7%), Health (7.3%), and Education (5.3%). Lesser amounts are spent on Economic affairs (4.1%), Public order and safety (1.9%), Defense (1.5%), Recreation, culture, and religion (1.1%), and the smallest on Housing and community amenities as well as Environment protection, both at 0.8%.

Graphical Look

  • The main feature is a large, doughnut-shaped chart occupying the majority of the slide.
  • Inside the doughnut chart, "GPD" is written in large letters with "49.6%" below it.
  • The chart segments are color-coded and connected to text labels that float outside the chart with corresponding icons.
  • Each segment represents a different governmental function, such as social protection or health, with varying sizes indicative of their proportion of total expenditure.
  • The color palette is varied featuring greens, reds, blues, and other colors.
  • The slide background is white, creating contrast with the colorful chart and text elements.
  • There are light shadow effects on the graphical elements giving them a subtle 3D appearance.
  • Icons representing the different functions are stylized and placed next to the corresponding labels—e.g., a house icon for Housing and a stethoscope for Health.

The overall look is professional with a clear focus on data representation. The use of color and icons makes the information easy to digest at a glance.

Use Cases

  • To explain the breakdown of government spending in a financial report or budget presentation.
  • To compare and discuss priorities in public spending during policy forums or educational seminars.
  • To provide a visual snapshot of government expenditure in economics or social studies classes.
  • To support discussions on fiscal policy and its impact on various sectors within public administration workshops or courses.

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