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Slide Title

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Slide Content

The PowerPoint slides showcase three donut charts each representing a different percentage – 75%, 50%, and 25%. Each chart is accompanied by a placeholder for text, suggesting that the percentages relate to different topics or categories that can be customized. The 75% chart has an icon of a laptop, indicating perhaps a tech-related statistic. The 50% with a mobile phone icon may represent mobile usage or market share. The 25% with a projector screen could relate to presentations or visual content share.

Graphical Look

  • Three large donut charts, each in a different color: teal, orange, and purple.
  • Inside each donut chart is a white icon: a laptop, a mobile phone, and a projector screen.
  • Below each chart, there is a large percentage figure matching the color of the chart above it: 75%, 50%, and 25%.
  • Underneath the percentage figures, there is placeholder text "Your sample text here" in gray.
  • The overall color scheme is a complementary mix of cool and warm tones.
  • The icons are simple and easily recognisable, correlating with the topics they represent.

The slide has a clean, modern look with a balanced layout that allows for easy comparison of the data presented in the donut charts. The contrasting colors and bold percentage figures help draw attention to key information.

Use Cases

  • Presenting statistics on market share or user engagement across different platforms or products.
  • Showing company data on revenue distribution among different departments or product categories.
  • Aiding visual representation in reports on research findings pertaining to technology utilization.
  • Displaying survey results or customer feedback percentages in management presentations.

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