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Forestry system

Slide Content

The slide presents the components of a "Forestry System," structured into three categories: Inputs, Processes, and Outputs. Inputs consist of elements such as labor, money, land, seedlings, machinery, and market demand, indicating the necessary resources for forestry operations. Processes illustrate the growth and management of forests through a central tree icon. Outputs are bifurcated into wood products like logs, lumber, paper, firewood, and charcoal, and other goods such as resin, fruits, mushrooms, game, pelts, honey, and decorative plants, demonstrating the various goods derived from forestry.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title is aligned to the top right in orange text.
  • Three main content areas are color-coded: Inputs in green, Processes in brown, and Outputs in orange.
  • Each area is segmented with a large colored shape, with the Processes section defined by an abstract tree form.
  • Within these sections, circular icons represent specific examples: labor has a worker avatar, money a currency icon, and so on.
  • Descriptive text for each icon is neatly placed beside it.
  • Icons are stylized and simplistic to aid in quick recognition of the concepts they represent.

The slide employs a visually engaging design with a good use of color to separate content areas. Icons and text work together to provide an at-a-glance understanding of the forestry system.

Use Cases

  • To educate stakeholders about the basics of forestry management during a presentation.
  • As part of a training tool for new employees in the forestry or environmental sector to explain the workflow.
  • In a business pitch to investors for a forestry business, highlighting the various stages of production.
  • For environmental studies, demonstrating the input-process-output model as it relates to sustainable forestry.

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