Getting participants opinion: online poll slide template
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Getting Participants Opinion - Online Poll Slide Template

Slide Content:

  • Online Poll - A type of online survey that allows participants to vote on one or more options.
  • Make it big and visible - Ensure that the poll question is clear and easy for participants to see.
  • Write your poll optional answer here - Enter the answer options for your poll.
  • Place for call to action or instruction e.g. how to select answer, write on chat - Provide instructions to participants on how to select their answer and submit the poll.

Graphical Look:

  • Slide background: White
  • Poll question text: Black, large, bolded, and centered to the left of the slide
  • Answer option text: Black, medium-sized, and left-aligned below the poll question text
  • Call to action text: Black, medium-sized, and centered at the bottom of the slide
  • Poll icon: A question mark icon in a green circle, located to the left of the poll question text

The slide is visually simple and straightforward, with a clear focus on the poll question and answer options. The use of a large, bolded font for the poll question text ensures that it is easy for participants to see and understand. The answer option text is also clear and easy to read, and the call to action text is prominently displayed at the bottom of the slide.

Where to use such a slide?

Online poll slide templates can be used in a variety of settings, including:

  • Business presentations: To gather feedback from employees or clients on new products, services, or ideas.
  • Educational presentations: To engage students and assess their understanding of a topic.
  • Training presentations: To gauge participants' knowledge and identify areas where they may need additional support.
  • Event presentations: To collect feedback from attendees on the event itself or to gather ideas for future events.
  • Marketing presentations: To learn more about your target audience's preferences and interests.

Online poll slide templates can be a valuable tool for gathering feedback from your audience and engaging them in your presentation. By asking thoughtful and relevant questions, you can collect valuable insights that can help you to improve your products, services, or events. You can also use online polls to create a more interactive and engaging presentation experience for your audience.

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