Employee Life Cycle - Stage Of The Employee Life Template
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The Employee Life Cycle PPT Template shows the stages of the employee's life. The lifecycle process is divided into 10 stages. The first stage is the recruitment process which is finding new employees to work for the company. The second stage is the selection process which is selecting top talent that matches the company's culture and mission. The third stage is the pre-onboarding process which is the period after the new employee accepts the job and before the first day. The fourth stage is the onboarding process, where every employee is introduced to the company's administration, payroll, compensation, and benefits. The fifth stage is goal setting which is where new goals are set. The fifth stage is goal management, which means that every employee gets compensation if the goals are met. The fifth stage is employee development, where current employees mentor, coach, and train new hires to strengthen employee engagement. The sixth stage is succession planning, a strategy for passing on leadership roles. The seventh stage is recourse planning, which ensures that resources are used effectively. The final stage is the recruitment strategy which defines the roles you plan to recruit for. You can use the Employee Life Cycle Model if you are an HR manager who wants to present the stage of the employee life cycle in a creative pie chart. This strategy will improve employee retention which can boost the overall employee experience and employer brand. You can download this template on Google Slides and Keynote.

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