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Editability of stroke in outline icons
from deck Vision Mission Presentation Template (PPT Diagrams)

Editability of Stroke in Outline Icons

Slide Content

The slide is focused on demonstrating the "Editability of Stroke in Outline Icons". It explains how the color of icons can be changed by adjusting the outline color and not the filling, indicating easier customization. It then illustrates how the outline thickness can be altered to suit various needs, like scaling for different sizes. Finally, it shows that these icons can also be effectively utilized against dark backgrounds, showcasing versatility.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white with a wide teal strip at the bottom.
  • The title is in dark text at the top.
  • Three gray arrowed lines connect text boxes to icon examples.
  • First text box notes changing color by altering outline color, matched with a green icon changing outline color.
  • Second text box talks about changing outline thickness, linked to an icon with a thicker outline.
  • Third text box highlights usability on dark backgrounds, displaying a white and orange icon on a dark teal background.
  • Icons of an outlined drawing canvas are used to depict the changes discussed.
  • Overall design showcases clear alignment, with icons and text maintaining a uniform look.

The slide employs a minimalist and professional approach, with a clear visual connection between textual explanations and visual examples. It utilizes contrasting colors for emphasis and clarity.

Use Cases

  • Used in a design-focused presentation to demonstrate icon customization.
  • Helpful in a workshop teaching graphical editing for presentations.
  • Serves as a visual guide for branding consistency discussions.
  • Could be utilized in a marketing presentation to illustrate adaptability of visual assets across different media.

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