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Outline Icons Set – Strategy Plans
from deck Creative Investor Pitch Deck, Organic Blob Shapes (PPT Template)

Outline Icons Set – Strategy Plans

Slide Content

The slide provides a collection of outline icons related to strategic planning, each paired with a corresponding concept. For instance, 'Vision Binoculars' suggests a focus on long-term visioning, while 'Destination Map' could be about strategic direction. 'Partners' is symbolized by a handshake, inferring collaborative relationships. The 'Idea Light Bulb' represents innovation, 'Retail' involves sales strategies, and 'Purchase Shopping Basket' indicates consumer transactions. 'World Globe' is about global reach, 'Tools' for execution capabilities, 'Rocket Startup' connotes growth and innovation dynamics. 'Shop' might imply a physical or e-commerce platform, 'Value Diamond' stresses the importance of quality or value proposition, 'Paper Plane Future' suggests forward-thinking, and 'Adjustment Service' reflects adaptability and customer service improvement.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a large title in dark text on a white background.
  • Below the title is a subtitle with a list of concepts represented by the icons in a smaller font.
  • The main area of the slide contains two rows of icons. Each icon is a simple, outlined graphic symbol, evenly spaced and arranged in a clean grid format.
  • On the right side, there is a dark teal section with text stating "Fully editable icons" in white, placed underneath a chevron-style shape.
  • Three diamond shapes with different colors (white, orange, light blue) are arranged vertically in the dark teal section.
  • A prominent circular shape encloses a larger diamond icon, emphasizing its editability.
  • A small rectangular call-to-action box at the bottom right corner invites users to check the website for more icons.

The slide has a modern, minimalist design with a clear, uncluttered layout. The use of outlines for icons provides a sleek, professional appearance, and the color contrast guides attention to the editable feature.

Use Cases

  • Presenting various strategic elements in a business plan to highlight key focus areas during a meeting.
  • Illustrating the components of a marketing strategy in a visually appealing manner for stakeholders.
  • Enhancing educational materials or workshops that teach about business development and strategic planning.
  • Utilizing in a startup pitch to investors to underline the different aspects of the proposed business model.

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