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Outline Icons Set – Status Indicators
from deck Meeting Outline Agenda & Sections Indicators (PPT Template)

Outline Icons Set — Status Indicators

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide presents a collection of outline icons labeled as "Status Indicators." These icons are meant to signify various stages or statuses through intuitive symbols. The icons include representations for "Harvey Balls": Empty, Quarter, Half, Three Quarters, Whole, and Complete, which are visual indicators depicting the degree to completion often used in comparison tables. Pie Chart symbols illustrate data in a circular graph form. The slide also includes icons for a Sand Glass, often interpreted as a timer or reflects passing time, and a Time Flow Indicator which can depict process progression. The Battery Energy Level Stages show varying levels of battery life: Empty, Drained, and Full, relevant for power status. It also features the typical "Document To-do List", "OK", "GO", "Checkmark Done Tick", "Cross X sign" suggesting completion or rejection, along with "Not Done", "NO GO", "Thumbs Up", and "Down" for approval or disapproval.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is divided diagonally into two color zones: white on the top and dark gray at the bottom.
  • A collection of seventeen icons is arranged in three rows and six columns on the white upper part of the slide.
  • These icons are all in outline style and monochrome (light blue outlines).
  • The bottom dark gray section contains three colorized versions of the battery icon in orange, yellow, and green, suggesting different energy levels.
  • One enlarged battery icon is circled and appears at the bottom center with a more prominent light blue outline for emphasis.
  • A text box with a slightly darker background offers a call-to-action message, "More icons available. Check our website", with the URL provided.

The slide has a modern and clean design, utilizing the contrast between the minimalistic icons and the simple background. The outlined icons themselves are standardized and easily recognizable, which contributes to a professional and concise visual presentation .

Use Cases

  • Presenting project status levels, such as completion percentages, in business review or update meetings.
  • Illustrating different stages of a process or task completion in workflow diagrams or process guides.
  • Visualizing battery life or other resource levels in product demonstrations or technical presentations.
  • Incorporating into user guides or training materials to symbolize actions like approval, rejection, or pending tasks.

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