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Outline icons set: status indicators, Ok check, danger, attention
from deck Gauge Charts for KPI Dashboards (PPT Template)

Outline Icons Set — Status Indicators

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide is titled "Outline Icons Set — Status Indicators" and features a collection of vector icons representing various status symbols such as Ok Check (approval), Danger (warning), Attention (need for notice), Exclamation Mark (urgent attention), Blocked Sign (forbidden or restricted), Thumbs up (agreement), down (disagreement), Great (positive reinforcement), Like, Dislike (disapproval), Wrong (incorrect), Stop (halt), Raised Hand (volunteering or asking), Palm (halt or stop), No Go (negative decision), Go (affirmative decision), and Walk (movement or progress).

Graphical Look

The slide background is divided in two main colors horizontally, white on the top and dark teal on the bottom. The title text is situated at the top of the slide.

  • The title is in a large, bold, sans-serif font.
  • Below the title is a list of terms corresponding to the depicted icons.
  • The icons are designed in a minimalist, outline style.
  • The icons are arranged in three rows.
  • Each icon is spaced evenly and aligned in a grid-like fashion.
  • The color scheme for the icons is grayscale except for the bottom right icon, which is highlighted with teal and green accents.
  • A circular highlight with a teal border encases the bottom right icon.
  • A text box at the bottom promotes the availability of more icons on a website.

The overall visual composition of the slide is clean and modern, with a simple color palette that emphasizes clarity and easy comprehension. The icons are uniformly designed to convey information effectively.

Use Cases

  • Use in business meetings to visually communicate various project statuses or feedback.
  • Enhance training and instructional materials with intuitive visual cues.
  • Employ in user interface design presentations to discuss iconography and user experience elements.
  • Integrate into proposal or report presentations to quickly illustrate points without lengthy text.

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