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Outline icons set: graph, growth, statistics, tasks, management
from deck Atom Orbiting Elements Infographics (PPT Template)

Outline Icons Set - Business

Slide Content

This slide is titled "Outline Icons Set - Business" and presents a collection of line icons related to various business concepts including Chart (representing data visualization), Graph (illustration of data trends), Growth (symbolizing business expansion), Statistics (data analysis representation), Tasks (depicting work or to-dos), Management (organizational structure symbol), Money (currency or finance symbol), Currency (representation of money or economics), Budget (financial planning), Hierarchy (organizational structure), Cogs (symbolizing machinery or processes), and Process (a sequence of actions or steps). These icons are noted as fully editable, suggesting they can be customized for different presentations.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is divided into two sections, light gray on the left and dark blue on the right.
  • The slide title is at the top in large, bold font.
  • A line of smaller text below the title explains the context of the icons.
  • Nine icons are evenly distributed across the slide in a three-by-three grid.
  • Each icon is an outline style with limited detail for simplicity.
  • The color scheme of the icons is monochrome, matching the gray background.
  • Four brightly colored versions of one icon (a gear) are displayed in the blue area, with a highlighted icon encircled.
  • A text block in the bottom right corner on the blue background suggests that more icons are available and points to a website.

The visual composition of the slide is clean and modern, with a clear distinction between the light and dark sections. The outline icons in monochromatic color against a simple background emphasize clarity and professionalism.

Use Cases

  • To enhance business or financial presentations with relevant visual aids.
  • For illustrating concepts in training materials regarding company structures or processes.
  • As part of a pitch deck to highlight key areas of business performance or planning.
  • To visually organize information in reports or information sheets distributed within an organization.

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