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Outline Icons – Finances and Results
from deck B2B Customer Segmentation Models Presentation (PPT Template)

Outline Icons – Finances and Results

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Outline Icons – Finances and Results" showcases a collection of financial-related icons that represent various business concepts: Gain, Profit, ROI (Return on Investment), Investment, Pricing, Prize, Tags, Growth, Results, Line Chart, Analysis, Statistics, Revenue, Income, Percent, Money, Return on Investment, Pie Chart, Summary, Document, and Paper. Each icon is a visual representation of these concepts, designed to make slides clearer and more engaging by simplifying complex financial topics into understandable symbols.

Graphical Look

  • The slide uses a minimalistic color scheme, primarily consisting of various shades of blue and grey.
  • There are two primary areas on the slide: the left half displays a collection of outlined icons, and the right half features four icons with a color accent.
  • Icons on the left include a banknote, price tag, sack of money with a dollar sign, sack with a percentage symbol, upward trend graph, globe with gridlines, pie chart, and a clipboard with a checklist.
  • Icons on the right are shown with an overlay of orange, light blue, and dark teal color fill for emphasis.
  • One icon is encapsulated within a white circle and has a larger size than the others, standing out as a focal point.
  • The text "Fully editable icons" is placed prominently at the top right corner within a dark teal banner.
  • The background is a plain, light grey color that does not distract from the icons.

The overall look of the slide is clean and professional, with a good balance of space and information. The use of color highlights selective elements without overwhelming the viewer.

Use Cases

  • The slide can be used in financial reports to visually represent key metrics such as ROI, growth rates, and revenue.
  • It can serve as a quick reference slide in business presentations where each icon succinctly communicates a specific financial concept.
  • The icons are useful for summary sections in visual aids, making complex data more accessible.
  • Marketing materials can incorporate these icons to create informative graphics that explain pricing strategies or investment opportunities.

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