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Our TeamFounder, CEO, Key Sales and PR Managers positions
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Our Team

Slide Content

The slide presents an organizational chart of key personnel within a company, showcasing the team's structure and hierarchy. It identifies the Founder and CEO, Kathy, at the helm, followed by four key managers: Lukas as the Sales Manager, Sati as the Account Manager, Derek as the Development Manager, and Gemma handling Public Relations. Each role implies specific responsibilities, with the Founder and CEO leading the company, the Sales Manager driving revenue growth, the Account Manager maintaining client relationships, the Development Manager overseeing product development, and the Public Relations role managing the company's image and communication.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white.
  • There's a large blue title at the top with the words "Our Team" in a bold, sans-serif font.
  • Below the title, a smaller subtitle reads "Founder, CEO, Key Sales and PR Managers positions."
  • Five circular portraits aligned horizontally across the middle with subtle drop shadow effects feature individuals.
  • Each portrait is enclosed within an orange, thin border and placed above a corresponding label with their name and role, highlighted by a bold font.
  • The names ("Kathy," "Lukas," "Sati," "Derek," "Gemma") are in black, sans-serif font.
  • Under the portraits and names, a horizontal dark blue timeline anchors the composition.
  • Above each position title, a light blue circle connects the individual's role to the timeline.
  • The positions ("Founder and CEO," "Sales Manager," "Account Manager," "Development Manager," "Public Relations") are in white, capitalized, sans-serif font.

The overall look of the slide is clean, professional, and well-organized, with a consistent color scheme and design elements that clearly communicate the roles and hierarchy of team members.

Use Cases

  • Introducing the core team during company meetings or presentations to investors or stakeholders.
  • Providing an overview of key personnel during an onboarding process for new employees .
  • At networking events or trade shows to quickly showcase the leadership or team structure when connecting with potential partners or clients.
  • On the company's website or in brochures to communicate the team dynamic and professional expertise to the public or potential customers.

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