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Organization chart with comment space
from deck Company Organizational Structure Charts (PPT diagrams)

Organizational Chart with Comment

Slide Content

The slide titled "Organizational Chart with Comment" presents an organizational structure of a company with clear categorization across departments. It identifies key roles like CEO, Director, and Manager under the departments of Production, Marketing, Research, Finance, and Administration. There are placeholder images and names for individuals in each role, indicating a hierarchy and reporting structure. A "Notes" section provides space to add commentary or additional information pertinent to the organizational layout described.

Graphical Look

  • A large title at the top of the slide in bold font size that spans almost the entire width of the slide, presenting the central theme.
  • Under the title, five columns representing different departments, each labeled with capitalized text (PRODUCTION, MARKETING, RESEARCH, FINANCE, ADMINISTRATION) on a shaded background.
  • Each department column contains two image placeholders for person photos, accompanied by two lines for text ('PERSON NAME' and 'Director' or 'Manager') indicating their positions.
  • The CEO is placed centrally above the other departments, emphasizing their overarching role, with their title directly under the image placeholder.
  • A small notes section at the bottom left of the slide with bullet points for adding text.
  • An icon representing a commentary or discussion located at the bottom right, complementing the "Notes" section.

The overall look is sleek and professional, with a clear delineation of roles and departments using muted colors for text backgrounds and soft edges around the placeholders. It's visually balanced with a clean design that emphasizes the organizational structure.

Use Cases

  • Presenting company hierarchy in internal meetings to familiarize staff with the reporting structure and departmental leadership.
  • Onboarding new employees, providing them with a visual representation of the organization's structure and key team members.
  • Strategy discussions or business planning sessions to review and potentially restructure the company‚Äôs reporting lines and department functions.
  • Company presentations to external stakeholders, such as investors or potential partners, to showcase the company's internal structure and leadership.

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