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Online user journey experience stages roadmap graphics
from deck Customer Experience Journey Diagrams (PPT Template)

Online User Journey Experience Stages Roadmap

Slide Content:

The slide maps out the stages of an online user's journey with a brand, from initial Awareness (including brand, paid, and organic traffic), through Consideration (engaging with freebies), to Conversion (making a purchase), followed by Loyalty (participation in loyalty programs), and culminating in Advocacy (sharing opinions). Each stage has associated actions such as organic and paid traffic generation, option comparison, decision-making, feedback, and opinion sharing that are pivotal in guiding a user through the customer lifecycle.

Graphical Look:

  • A dotted line running across the slide symbolizes the user's journey.
  • Colored icons representing each stage: an eye for Awareness, scales for Consideration, a gavel for Conversion, a directional arrow for Loyalty, and a mobile phone for Advocacy.
  • Colored banners with stage names: blue for Awareness, orange for Consideration, green for Conversion, teal for Loyalty, and purple for Advocacy.
  • Placeholder text areas for custom content under each stage.
  • A user icon at the beginning of the journey line.
  • A clear white background enhances readability.

The visual design of the slide is organized and colorful, with distinctive icons and color coding for each stage of the user journey, making it an effective tool for presenting a complex process in an easily digestible format.

Use Cases:

This slide could be used in business presentations for educating marketing teams about customer experience strategies, for briefing product development teams on user experience considerations, in sales meetings to discuss customer lifecycle management, or in workshops aimed at improving customer engagement and retention.

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