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One Pager Icons Set – Shopping, Contact
from deck Food Product Sell Sheet Presentation One Pager (PPT Template)

One Pager Icons Set – Shopping, Contact

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "One Pager Icons Set – Shopping, Contact" features a collection of minimalist icons related to commerce and communication. Each icon represents a key concept: Price Tag (indicative of pricing or cost), Currency Sign (financial transactions), Euro, Dollar (specific currencies), Clock (time-related actions), Urgent (priority or importance), Deadline (a time limit), Car (transportation), Delivery (shipping of goods), Location (geographical places), Pin (marking a specific spot), Globe (international or global relevance), Earth (earth-related or environmental context), Cursor (digital navigation), Arrow (direction or movement), Contact (getting in touch with someone), Envelope (mail correspondence), E-mail (electronic communication), Mobile Phone (telecommunication), Smartphone (advanced mobile device features), Website (online presence), Webpage (specific online pages), Retail (the sale of goods), E-Shop, and E-commerce (online shopping).

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a light blue banner at the top, partially overlapping a dark grey background.
  • The title is in white text centered within the blue banner.
  • A set of icons is displayed in two rows; icons are uniformly styled with a thin line design.
  • Each icon is spaced evenly on the slide, providing a clean and organized appearance.
  • Colors for the icons are limited to shades of blue, grey, and a highlight color of teal for one selected icon.
  • Additional text below the icons states “Fully editable icons” in a white text box, adjacent to a dark teal underline.
  • The bottom section includes a call-to-action with “More icons available. Check our website” inside a light grey box, with the URL "" in blue text.

The slide has a professional and minimalist aesthetic, with clean lines and a limited color palette that emphasizes the icons. The use of space and consistent icon stylization contribute to a visually appealing and easy-to-understand presentation of the icons.

Use Cases

  • For preparing a business presentation that includes a section on marketing and sales strategies, emphasizing online and retail commerce.
  • Within an e-commerce website development proposal, highlighting various features like payment options, contact methods, and website functionalities.
  • To demonstrate the aspects of customer service in a company overview, using icons like Email, Phone, and Contact.
  • In an instructional setting to visually express concepts related to online shopping and digital marketing in a clear, understandable manner.

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