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One Pager Icons Set – Contact, People
from deck Company Snapshot One Pager Leaflet (PowerPoint Template)

One Pager Icons Set – Contact, People

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is titled "One Pager Icons Set – Contact, People" and it showcases a collection of icons related to communication and social interaction. These include symbols for email, snail mail, location, a representation of the globe indicating the world, mobile, telephone, a web page icon, and figures representing a man, a woman, a generic group of people, a rating with stars, and a group symbol illustrating connectivity or hierarchy. Each icon conveys a specific aspect of contact or social connection, such as different mediums of communication (email, snail mail, telephone), ways to represent location (pin icon), global interaction (globe), digital engagement (web page), individual representation (man, woman), group dynamics (people, group icon), and qualitative measurement (rating stars).

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white, providing a clean and minimalistic backdrop for the icons.
  • The slide header is in dark grey with a teal-colored accent strip along the bottom edge of the header section.
  • Each icon is a simple, flat, line-style graphic, which provides a modern and uncluttered look.
  • The icons are evenly spaced in two rows, with five icons in the top row and four in the bottom row.
  • The colors of the icons are predominantly grey, with one icon in the lower right highlighted in teal, matching the header's accent color.
  • Below the icons, there's a rectangular banner with the text "More icons available. Check our website" and a website URL, enclosed within a darker rectangle with rounded corners.

The overall look of the slide is modern and professional, with a focus on simplicity and easy readability. The use of consistent line-style icons and a limited color palette creates an elegant and cohesive design.

Use Cases

  • Presenting in a business meeting to discuss contact methods and communication channels within the company or with clients.
  • Featuring in an advertising or marketing presentation to illustrate the different platforms for customer engagement and audience targeting strategies.
  • Utilizing in a user experience (UX) design or web development presentation to discuss the navigation and interaction icons for a website or application interface.
  • Employing in an organizational presentation to represent team structures, customer demographics, or service ratings for performance analysis and strategic planning.

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