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OKR Setting Three Steps Process Timeline Flowchart Slide
from deck OKR Objectives and Key Results Performance Review (PPT Template)

Slide content:

This is an OKR Slide that explains the Three Steps Process Stages. These stages are Define, Measure, and Wrap-Up. Setting Stage-Define OKR: Take time to define and explain OKR, brainstorm and evaluate quarterly, and choose ambitious goals. Measuring OKR Stage: monitor key results regularly, share measures with a team on an ongoing basis, OKR evaluation - score points, 3 status levels, RAG lights. Wrap-Up OKR Stage: evaluate and reflect, on OKR 1:1 meetings, and obstacles.

Slide Infographic description:

Colorful Slide, Fill-In Tables, Table with Colorful Ribbons, Circle Icon, Strategy Icon, Measuring Tape White Flat Icon, Outline Icons, Checklist White Icon, To-Do List Icon, OKR Report Diagram, Timeline OKR Slide

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