OKR criteria explanation template
from deck OKR Objectives and Key Results Performance Review (PPT Template)

OKR Criteria Explanation Template for Objectives and Key Results parts

Slide Content:

The slide outlines the criteria for setting Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). An objective should be an ambitious goal that is inspirational for the team and related to the company's long-term vision, with a limited number of 3-5 short objectives per cycle. Key Results should be 2-5 measurable outcomes, specific and not too general, realistic to achieve, and timely, with a specific deadline such as "by the end of the quarter."

Graphical Look:

  • A header with the title in bold and a subtitle beneath it.
  • Three columns with different background colors (beige, blue, and yellow).
  • Bullet points in the first and third columns.
  • Text boxes with example content in the second column.
  • Two circular icons, one resembling a target and the other a loop or refresh symbol, in the second column.

The slide has a clean and professional design, using color blocks to separate different sections and icons to visually represent concepts. The use of bullet points and example placeholders makes the information easily digestible.

Use Cases:

Such a slide is ideal for business presentations, especially during strategic planning meetings, quarterly business reviews, or team meetings where the focus is on setting and explaining OKR frameworks. It serves as an educational tool for teams unfamiliar with the OKR methodology or as a reminder for teams to align their objectives and results effectively.

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