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Niko Niko calendar template scrum evaluation
from deck Scrum Process and Artefacts Presentation Template (PPT icons)

Niko Niko Calendar template

Slide Content

The slide features a "Niko Niko Calendar template," which is a visual tool used to track the mood of team members over a period, typically used in agile project management. This calendar can help teams gauge the emotional health of its members, which can be an indicator of team performance and well-being. Each cell represents a day, and icons show the mood of an individual on that day. In this template, there are placeholders for seven days and three team members, with each row representing a different person.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a simple and clean layout with a plain white background.
  • At the top center, there is an orange rectangular shape serving as the slide title's background.
  • The text "Niko Niko Calendar template" in bold lies on the orange rectangle.
  • A grid structure with columns for days of the week and rows for individual team members.
  • Each column header contains a stylized calendar day icon in a grey document shape with orange numbers 1 to 7 representing days of the week.
  • Next to the grid on the left, there are three stick figure icons, each with a different colored head—orange, blue, and purple—indicating different individuals.
  • No additional decorations, patterns, or textures; the focus is entirely on the content elements of the calendar.

The overall look of the slide is professional, utilizing a minimalist design focused on conveying the Niko Niko Calendar concept. The use of colored icons helps to quickly identify the emotional states without overwhelming with details.

Use Cases

  • To gauge team morale in daily stand-up meetings or retrospective meetings in agile frameworks.
  • For tracking employee well-being over time in HR presentations.
  • As a visual aid for discussing team dynamics and performance in management meetings.
  • To introduce the concept of emotional tracking in workshops on team building or project management.

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