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Headline slide intended to illustrate next step of the presentation
from deck Creative Company Presentation Deck (Scribble PPTX Template)

Next Steps

Slide Content

The slide titled "Next Steps" emphasizes a strategic approach to dealing with competition. The key message, "The main next step here," suggests a proactive measure or plan that should be taken. It is followed by a statement that challenges conventional competitiveness: instead of merely trying to do better than the competition, one should seek to be different, highlighting the importance of differentiation and innovation as a competitive strategy.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a plain white gradient that fades into a photo at the bottom.
  • A large image of an escalator in a modern setting spans the lower part of the slide, with its top edge artistically cut into the shape of steps to match the 'Next Steps' concept.
  • The text is a simple, clean sans-serif font allowing for easy readability.
  • The slide's title "Next Steps" is prominently displayed at the top in a large, bold font.
  • The body text beneath the title offers guidance in a smaller font, creating a visual hierarchy between the two.
  • There are no additional icons, shapes, or visual elements apart from the stylized photo and text.

The slide sports a minimalist design with a strong visual metaphor (escalator as 'next steps'). The content is paired with a compelling image that reinforces the theme without cluttering the view.

Use Cases

  • To present the proposed plan of action in a business strategy or marketing plan presentation.
  • In a competitive analysis presentation to differentiate the strategic approach from that of competitors.
  • During a company meeting or team workshop to encourage innovative thinking and unique solutions.
  • At a start-up pitch to investors to demonstrate a unique value proposition or market entry strategy.

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