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from deck Winter Holidays graphics (PPT icons)

Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR

Slide Content

The slide contains a festive greeting with the phrases "Merry Christmas" and "HAPPY NEW YEAR" prominently featured. The text "HAPPY NEW YEAR" is in capital letters for emphasis, and below it, the year "2024" is displayed within a banner-like shape. The design suggests that the slide is meant for seasonal greetings, marking the transition from Christmas to the New Year.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white, providing a neutral backdrop for the other elements.
  • Central to the slide is a stylized image of a Christmas tree crafted from overlapping green watercolor brush strokes, creating a layered effect.
  • A five-pointed golden star sits atop the tree, serving as the traditional Christmas tree topper.
  • The phrase "Merry Christmas" is written across the tree in cursive white text, alternating with the tree's green layers for contrast.
  • Below that, the phrase "and HAPPY NEW YEAR" in uppercase is written in a blend of cursive and sans-serif fonts, creating stylistic variety.
  • The year "2024" is featured on a white, banner-like shape with a slightly curved bottom edge, resembling a stylized ribbon.
  • Small, simplistic snowflake or star icons flank the text, adding to the festive theme.
  • The fonts used for the text are a combination of cursive for "Merry Christmas" and a mix of cursive and all-caps sans-serif for "and HAPPY NEW YEAR," enhancing legibility and visual appeal.

The overall look is vibrant with a hand-painted feel characterized by the watercolor texture of the tree. The mix of fonts and green and gold coloring create a festive, cheerful atmosphere appropriate for the holiday season.

Use Cases

  • As a closing slide in a corporate end-of-year presentation to offer seasonal greetings to stakeholders.
  • In an email marketing campaign, as a visual accompanying New Year well-w ishes to customers and clients.
  • Within a digital holiday card sent by a company to its employees, partners, or customers.
  • Projected on screens during a company's holiday event or party as part of the decorations.

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