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New product development roadmap example slide
from deck Conveyor Belt Production Line Graphics (PPT Template)

Example - New Product Development Roadmap

Slide Content

The slide presents a roadmap for the development of a new product, marking the journey from the initial idea generation to the product's introduction to the market. The stages illustrated include "Idea Generation," "Idea Screening," "Concept Development & Testing," "Business Strategy Development," "Product Development," "Test Marketing," "Commercialization," and "Introduction." Each of these stages represents a step in the product development process, starting with brainstorming and ending with the product's launch.

  • "Idea Generation" refers to brainstorming new concepts.
  • "Idea Screening" implies filtering potential ideas.
  • "Concept Development & Testing" entails refining and validating the product idea.
  • "Business Strategy Development" means formulating a plan for market entry.
  • "Product Development" is the actual creation of the product.
  • "Test Marketing" involves trial selling to gauge consumer response.
  • "Commercialization" represents the full-scale production and marketing.
  • "Introduction" is the official launch of the product to the target market.

Graphical Look

  • The slide is divided into two main sections, with the "Beginning" stage on the left and the "Finish" stage on the right.
  • A stylized grey road with white circles suggesting a dotted line traverses the slide horizontally, becoming a vertical timeline along the right side.
  • Colored circles with numbers from 1 to 8 are aligned in vertical order and correspond to different stages in the product development process.
  • Each number is accompanied by an icon and a text label reflecting its stage, with colors progressing from blue to green as steps advance.
  • A large arrow icon marks the beginning of the process on the left, while a square-shaped icon with a circular arrow inside it indicates the finish on the right.

The slide uses a flat design with simple shapes and bright, contrasting colors. The visual metaphor of a road with steps presents the information in a clear, sequential manner .

Use Cases

  • To outline the phases of product development during a project kickoff meeting.
  • For presenting a strategic plan to stakeholders or investors.
  • As a visual aid in a team meeting to discuss progress and next steps in product development.
  • To introduce a product development process in educational or training sessions for new employees or team members.

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