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Multicolor and vector symbols
from deck Vision Mission Presentation Template (PPT Diagrams)

How to Edit Multi-color Vector Icons

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is instructing on how to modify multi-color vector icons in a presentation. It features three key points: 1) Change color of element by double clicking on it and using Shape Fill - this suggests a simple way to recolor parts of the icon; 2) Easily customize by ungrouping and moving or deleting elements - which indicates that the icon's components can be individually manipulated; 3) Can be also used on dark and transparent backgrounds - implying versatility in the icons' usage across different slide backgrounds.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white.
  • The slide title is at the top of the slide using a large, bold font.
  • Three sets of content are aligned horizontally across the slide, each consisting of a text description and a corresponding graphical example.
  • Each text description is positioned within a dark grey colored banner with slightly transparent borders, creating a tab-like appearance.
  • Arrows lead from each text banner to the graphical example, signifying a relationship or process from text to image.
  • Graphical examples illustrate a mountain icon, which progressively demonstrates the editing described: color change, element customization, and appearance on different backgrounds.
  • The color palette includes grey, teal, blue, red, and a transparent pattern.

The overall look of the slide is clean and modern, with a clear flow from the instructional text to the visual examples. The use of icons and limited color scheme provides an easy-to-follow illustration of the editing process.

Use Cases

  • To guide users on editing and customizing icons within a presentation software tutorial.
  • In design workshops to demonstrate how vector graphics can be adapted to match different design needs.
  • During a corporate branding session, illustrating how icons can be modified to align with company colors and style.
  • As part of a user interface (UI) design lesson, showcasing how icons can be used and manipulated for different backgrounds and themes.

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