Monthly OKR tracking report template with performance goals for three key results
from deck OKR Objectives and Key Results Performance Review (PPT Template)

Monthly OKR Tracking Report Template

Slide Content:

The slide is designed as a monthly OKR tracking report template, accommodating 2 departmental performance goals and up to 3 key results per objective. The template features a column for each month over a quarter, with percentage placeholders to indicate progress. At the end, there is an "Evaluation" column for the final assessment. This layout assists in visualizing progress over time and determining the effectiveness of actions taken toward achieving departmental objectives.

Graphical Look:

  • Two vertical banners on the left with icons representing different departments.
  • Hexagonal shapes across the slide, each corresponding to a month, and colored to indicate progress. The hexagons are arranged in rows and columns, with colors ranging from grey to green and orange, signaling various stages of completion.
  • A dark blue background on the left side transitions to light grey across the slide.
  • Text placeholders in white for objectives and key results, contrasted against the dark blue background.

The slide is visually engaging with its use of geometric shapes and a gradient color scheme to distinguish between stages of completion, creating a clear visual hierarchy of information.

Use Cases:

This slide is appropriate for use in monthly business review meetings, quarterly departmental reviews, or any situation where tracking the progress of specific objectives and key results is necessary. It facilitates a clear display of progress and final evaluations, making it a practical tool for performance management discussions.

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