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from deck Infographics Funnel Diagram Pipeline Charts (PPT shapes)


Slide Content

The slide displays a five-stage process diagram in the shape of a right-facing arrow, with each stage narrower than the previous to represent a funnel effect. It shows a progression or reduction with percentages and has icons symbolizing different concepts: a lightbulb for ideas, a clipboard for documentation, a laptop for technology or tasks, a group of dots for processes or flow, and a cloud with a thumbs-up for positive outcomes or cloud solutions. Each stage is labeled "Your sample text" to be customized with specific information.

Graphical Look

  • The slide's main feature is a large, right-facing arrow composed of five segments, each representing a stage in a process.
  • Every segment decreases in size from left to right, symbolizing a funnel or filtering process.
  • Each segment is a different shade of teal, progressively getting lighter from the base to the arrowhead.
  • Icons are placed in the center of each segment: a lightbulb, clipboard, laptop, three vertical dots, and a cloud with a thumbs-up.
  • Percentages are shown below the arrow, starting with 100% at the base and decreasing to 40% at the arrowhead.
  • The text placeholders marked "Your sample text" above each segment invite the user to add their descriptions.
  • A bold vertical bar and title block are situated at the far left of the arrow, colored in a contrasting purple, containing the text "YOUR SAMPLE TEXT" for an introductory statement or stage name.

The overall look is modern and professional, with a clean design that uses color gradients and clear icons to represent different stages or concepts. The use of space and graphical elements makes the information easily discernible at a glance.

Use Cases

  • Illustrating a process with decreasing stages, such as sales funnel stages, customer journey, or project phases.
  • Showing a workflow or sequence where each step reduces in quantity or scope, for instance, filtering candidates in a recruitment process.
  • Representing a set of actions with diminishing importance or size, like prioritizing tasks in a project.
  • Visualizing data flow or information processing where there's a progressive refinement or consolidation of data.

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