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from deck Health Care Medical and Pharmaceuticals Icons (PowerPoint clipart)

IT devices symbols for telehealth

Slide Content

The slide presents icons representing fundamental IT devices used in telehealth services. Each device symbol correlates with a specific function within telemedicine. "Mobile" symbolizes the portability and personal connectivity for patients and providers, "Tablet" represents a larger screen for interactive communication, "Wi-Fi" depicts the wireless connectivity necessary for telemedicine, and "Server" is indicative of the data storage and processing central to telehealth infrastructure.

Graphical Look

  • A large header in bold and a smaller sub-header indicating that the symbols are fully editable and suitable for dark backgrounds.
  • Four icons, evenly spaced across the middle of the slide, each representing different IT devices: a mobile phone, a tablet, Wi-Fi, and a server.
  • Each icon has its name labeled in a simple, clean font on rectangles below the respective symbols.
  • The icons are flat with a two-tone color scheme consisting of dark teal and shadows in light teal, giving a minimalistic and modern appearance.
  • The mobile phone and Wi-Fi icons are blue-colored while the tablet and the server icons are green-colored, providing visual distinction.

The slide has a clean and modern design aesthetic, using minimalistic icons and a simple two-tone color scheme. The layout provides an easy-to-follow visual representation of each IT concept related to telehealth.

Use Cases

  • To introduce key technological components during a telehealth services presentation.
  • For training material that explains the various IT devices utilized in telemedicine infrastructures.
  • Within proposals or business plans outlining the required technology for telehealth startups.
  • During conferences or webinars about technological advancements and trends in healthcare, particularly telemedicine.

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