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Vision and mission values steps chart
from deck Vision Mission Presentation Template (PPT Diagrams)

Values – Mission – Vision Steps Diagram

Slide Content:

The slide is designed to sequentially present a company's core principles, starting with 'Values'—the foundational beliefs and ethical standards, followed by 'Mission'—the practical objectives and methods of operation, and culminating with 'Vision'—the long-term goals and aspirations. This progression illustrates how a company's values inform its mission, which in turn shapes its vision, creating a strategic hierarchy.

Graphical Look:

  • Three text boxes aligned horizontally, each with a different header: "VALUES," "MISSION," and "VISION."
  • Each text box has its own color banner at the top: green for values, orange for mission, and blue for vision.
  • Accompanying icons at the bottom of each box: a green diamond for values, an orange rocket for mission, and blue binoculars for vision.
  • A horizontal connecting bar in green, orange, and blue matching the respective text box colors.

The slide has a structured and balanced design, using color coding and icons to visually distinguish between the three key elements of a company's strategic framework. The connecting bars suggest continuity and progression from values to vision.

Use Cases:

  • To communicate the company's core principles to new employees during orientation.
  • In business development meetings to align potential partnerships with the company's ethos.
  • During strategic planning sessions to ensure company initiatives are rooted in core values.
  • As part of a brand identity presentation to stakeholders to illustrate the company's ethos and direction.

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