PowerPoint Slide With Road Signs Icons
from deck Road Signs Infographics (PPT Template)

Slide content:

Collection of 24 road sign icons to add to your presentations. Add road signs graphs to show the obstacles and difficulties your project encounter. Having such a presentation with universal symbols will make it look appealing and easier to understand for every audience. You can resize the symbols without losing the quality; if you don't know how we included detailed instructions for those who have no designing skills. Add them next to a short description as a representative icon. You can download and use them in Google Slides and Keynote too. We have predesigned slides in store for you, to save you time. Click on the picture to see the whole Road Signs Infographics PowerPoint Template.

Slide infographic description:

Falling Rocks on Debris, Uneven Road, Slippery Road Surface, Double Bend, Steep Ascent, Roadworks, Roundabout, Turn Right Ahead Only, Straight Ahead Only, Pass On Either Side, Stop, No U-Turns, Give Way/Yield, No Through Road, Priority Road, No Entry, No Vehicles, Guide Signs and Route Markers (Shields), One Way, Dead End, Road Signs Icons

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