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Creative outline mind map illustrated with 4 branches
from deck Creative & Simple Mind Map Diagrams (PPT Template)

Creative Outline Mind Map (4 branches, photo background)

Slide Content

The provided PowerPoint slide features a creative outline mind map with a photo background, designed to organize and present information visually around a central concept stated as "Your goal...". The mind map consists of four colored branches — blue, green, orange, and purple — each branch containing five text placeholders labeled "Short description here...". The central idea or goal is at the intersection of these branches, indicating the interconnection of different aspects or ideas that contribute to the overall goal.

Graphical Look

  • Central rectangular text box with the phrase "Your goal..." inside. This box is colored primarily gray with an outline, and it serves as the focal point of the slide.
  • Each mind map branch sprouts from one of the four corners of the central box, with a noticeable thick outline that thins out as it extends.
  • Colored organic shapes that outline each branch, with varying shades of blue, green, orange, and purple. These shapes have a curvy structure, creating a dynamic feel.
  • Branches extend outwards and culminate in rounded rectangles for text entry, labeled "Short description here...". These text boxes share the colors of their respective branches.
  • Background features a darkened photo with a seascape theme, invoking a sense of depth and expansiveness.

The slide uses a mix of visually appealing elements and contrasting colors to create an engaging and dynamic look. The mind map format is designed with creative twists, which makes the information display both eye-catching and functional.

Use Cases

  • Brainstorming sessions to visually organize and link ideas related to a central goal or concept.
  • Strategic planning presentations to showcase how different components or departments contribute to a larger corporate objective.
  • Educational settings where students or teachers lay out the different aspects of a subject or project central to the lesson plan.
  • Marketing meetings to outline the various features and benefits of a product in relation to consumer needs or business goals.

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