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Men & Women E-market Share

Slide Content

This slide is titled "Men & Women E-market Share," which suggests a discussion about the distribution of electronic market shares between genders. It includes statistics showing that "85% of purchase decisions are made by women," emphasizing the significant influence of female customers in the market. The smaller portion represents men, accounting for 15%, indicating a lesser but still notable participation of male customers in e-market dynamics.

Graphical Look

  • A large pie chart dominates the left side of the slide, with two different shades of blue representing the market share distribution.
  • The pie chart includes two silhouetted figures, one male and one female, with the female silhouette being noticeably larger, correlating to the larger market share.
  • Quantitative data is displayed prominently within the pie chart: "Men 15%" and "Women 85%", each corresponding to their respective silhouette.
  • On the right side, there is a quotation in a larger font that states, "Studies show, that women buy or influence expenses now more than ever."
  • Another textual reference below the quote emphasizes the point with "85% of purchase decisions is made by women."
  • The fonts used for the textual elements are sans-serif, maintaining readability and a modern look.
  • There is a subtle use of shadow under the quote text, giving a slight 3D effect.
  • The overall color scheme of the slide consists of two shades of blue, white, and gray, creating a harmonious and professional appearance.
  • Background of the slide is white, which makes the blue pie chart and text stand out.

The slide has a clean and professional design with a strong visual focus on the gender-based market share statistics. The combination of graphic and text effectively communicates the key message.

Use Cases

  • Presenting market research findings to highlight gender preferences in purchasing behavior.
  • Discussing target audience segmentation in marketing strategy meetings.
  • Using in pitch presentations to potential investors to demonstrate market understanding.
  • Showcasing consumer behavior trends in industry conferences or workshops with a focus on e-commerce.

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