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Meeting Next Steps Section Template
from deck Meeting Outline Agenda & Sections Indicators (PPT Template)


Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide is titled "MEETING NEXT STEPS SECTION" and is likely used to outline the follow-up actions that need to be taken after a meeting. The slide seems to be self-contained and doesn't feature any bullet points, additional text, or graphics besides its title and a single icon, which suggests that this is a section title slide or a divider used to indicate a transition in the presentation to discussing post-meeting action items.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background features a photographic image of a spiral staircase from a high vantage point, creating an abstract and architectural look. The staircase spirals downwards with its white balustrades contrasting against the teal-tinted image.
  • The central part of the slide is dominated by the slide title "MEETING NEXT STEPS SECTION" in bold, capitalized, sans-serif font. The text is shaded in a golden-yellow hue that matches with other elements on the slide.
  • Right above the slide title, there is a circular icon with a simplified illustration of a pair of footprints inside. The icon is outlined in the same golden-yellow hue as the title text.
  • Below the illustration and part of the title, there is a thin, flat golden-yellow line that spans the width of the slide, adding a subtle decorative element and complementing the color scheme.

The overall slide has a professional and minimalist aesthetic with a clear focus on the title, aided by a cohesive color scheme of teal and golden-yellow elements, implying a sophisticated look.

Use Cases

  • As a transitional slide to denote the change of topic to the next steps or action items following a meeting.
  • To introduce a discussion agenda point focused on future plans or tasks.
  • To serve as a header for the section where meeting outcomes and responsibilities are documented.
  • For summarizing the session in training or workshops, leading into an action-oriented conclusion.

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