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Meeting goals section

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Meeting goals section," indicating that it likely serves as a divider or introduction to a section within a presentation that will discuss the objectives of a meeting. This title suggests that the following content will be focused on outlining specific targets or expectations that the presenters aim to achieve during the meeting. These goals could pertain to various meeting types, such as project planning, performance reviews, or strategy sessions, where participants need to understand the key outcomes to work towards.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background shows a blurred photo of a workplace setting with items such as a tablet, papers, and a cup of coffee on a table.
  • A dark overlay is applied to the photo, allowing for better visibility of the slide's text and graphics.
  • The title "Meeting goals section" is prominently displayed in the upper half of the slide in large white font.
  • There is a blue banner with a ribbon effect to the left of the title that adds a visual element to the design.
  • A white goal target icon with an arrow centered on the bullseye is overlayed in the upper right corner of the slide.
  • The colors are subdued with a professional appearance, featuring shades of blue and grey.

The slide presents a clean and modern design with a professional look. The use of graphical elements like the target icon underscores the theme of goals and objectives.

Use Cases

  • To introduce the agenda in a corporate strategy meeting, where goals and outcomes are a key focus.
  • As a title slide for a section in a workshop or seminar that is dedicated to defining and aligning on objectives.
  • For a project kickoff meeting to clearly state the project objectives and success criteria.
  • In a sales presentation to outline the goals for a new business campaign or product launch.

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