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Medical examination: usg, xray, urine test, blood test
from deck Health Care Medical and Pharmaceuticals Icons (PowerPoint clipart)

Medical examination

Slide Content

The slide titled "Medical examination" lists four common diagnostic tests. The X-ray is represented, indicating its use in imaging internal body structures. Urine tests are shown, pointing out their role in analyzing the content of urine for medical diagnosis. Blood tests are depicted, highlighting their function in assessing health by examining blood samples. Lastly, USG (Ultrasound Sonography) is included, which is a technique employing sound waves to generate images of internal body parts.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title "Medical examination" appears at the top in large, dark blue font.
  • Four icons symbolizing medical tests are aligned horizontally across the slide:
  • The X-ray icon shows a skeletal chest radiograph.
  • The Urine test icon features two sample containers.
  • The Blood test icon has a droplet flowing from a syringe.
  • The USG icon depicts a monitor emitting waves to signify ultrasound.
  • Rectangular labels are beneath each icon with the names of the tests; "X-ray", "Urine test", "Blood test", and "USG".
  • The right upper corner contains text "For dark background" with a line indicating the change for different slide backgrounds.
  • The bottom right has a circular icon labeled "Fully editable", with a purple background to symbolize customization.

The slide has a clean, professional white background with icons in turquoise and grey, conveying a medical theme. It's a minimalistic design allowing easy recognition of each medical test represented by the icons.

Use Cases

  • To explain different types of diagnostic procedures during medical training or education presentations.
  • To list the diagnostic services offered by a clinic or hospital in promotional or informative healthcare business presentations.
  • To describe pre-employment medical screening processes during corporate HR orientations.
  • In a discussion about healthcare technologies and innovations related to diagnostic methods during medical conferences or seminars.

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