Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid Example - 3D Hierarchy Diagram
from deck 3D Stacked Pyramid Hierarchy Diagrams (PPT Template)

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The Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid Example explains the five levels of needs. This 3d PowerPoint template is divided into three parts. The first part is the basic needs which include physiological and safety needs. Physiological needs include shelter, water, food, and health. According to the theory, they are important for human survival. Safety needs include security and protection such as job security. The second part of the pyramid is psychological needs which include belonging & love and esteem needs/social needs. They are important for a person's overall psychological wellbeing. According to Maslow, the feeling of love and belonging are fulfilled through friendship and family. Self-esteem needs are satisfied through achieving recognition, status, and respect from others. The third part of the pyramid is self-fulfillment which includes self-actualization. The theory states that self-actualization is when a person recognizes full potential. A real-life example of Maslow's Hierarchy would be a business consultant who has a secure and well-paying job, house, and family. This person is respected by employees at the company. The basic physiological needs of this person are fulfilled. According to Maslow, the person would focus on their self-fulfillment. As a result, this person is driven to fulfill self-actualization needs.

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3D Pyramid, Colorful Vector, White Background, Level Pyramid Vector, Fork and Knife Icon, Level Pyramid Vector, Safety Icon, Love Icon, Achievement Icon, Life Icon, Text Box

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