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Market SWOT Analysis Template
from deck Go To Market Strategy Template Plan (PPT format)

Market SWOT Analysis Template

Slide Content:

  • Strengths: Qualities or advantages that help a company succeed. Examples:

  • High-quality products or services

  • Strong brand reputation
  • Experienced and skilled workforce

  • Weaknesses: Qualities or disadvantages that hinder a company's performance. Examples:

  • Limited financial resources

  • Lack of brand awareness
  • Inefficient operational processes

  • Opportunities: External factors that present a chance for a company to grow or improve. Examples:

  • Expanding into new markets

  • Launching new products or services
  • Acquiring competitors

  • Threats: External factors that could pose a challenge to a company's success. Examples:

  • Economic recession

  • New government regulations
  • Changing customer preferences

Graphical Look:

The slide has a simple and clean design, with a white background and black text. The SWOT matrix is divided into four quadrants, each of which is labeled with one of the four SWOT acronyms. The slide also has a title bar at the top, which contains the slide title.

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