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Market Entry Strategy Examples PPT
from deck Go To Market Strategy Template Plan (PPT format)

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The market entry strategy examples slide is a great way to present your evaluation through the PESTLE (Politics, Economy, Social, Technology, Legal, Environmental) analysis. Explain briefly what are the political factors for entering a foreign market, like open tenders for foreign investors, economical factors like the GDP per capita and purchasing power, society's reaction to your product or service, access to technology, legal bureaucracies and taxes, and environmental consequences. Having such presentation with a thorough research could benefit your business as potential investors would accept funding you, and minimizing the risks of expanding could bring you profits. These are some of the examples that we recommend you, however, based on your line of work you can add your comments and adjust everything that you find suitable. You can download this presentation in Google Slides and Keynote too, without any quality loss. Click on the slide to see the whole Go To Market Strategy presentation template.

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Flat Style Outline Icons, Judge Icon, Economy Icon, Society Icon, Manufacturing Icon, Law Icon, Environment Icon, Line Vectors, Text Blocks

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