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Icons: Population, area and time

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Icons: Population, area and time" and showcases icons that are used to represent these three concepts visually. The icon for "Area" features a group of squared shapes closely packed together, symbolizing a confined space. The "Population" icon shows a cluster of human figures, indicating a group of people. The icon for "Population density" combines the elements of the previous two, using both the squared shapes and the human figures to represent the number of people within a given space. Lastly, there is a clock symbol with two human figures, which may represent demographic changes over time or scheduling related to population activities.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a gradient of light grey to white.
  • At the top, a dark teal ribbon banner contains white text that reads "Fully editable."
  • Below the banner are three sets of icons in dark blue, aligned horizontally.
  • The first set depicts four square shapes labeled "Area."
  • The second set displays six figures standing together labeled "Population."
  • The third set shows the square shapes overlaid with figures, labeled "Population density."
  • Beneath these, centered on the slide, is a larger icon showing a clock with two figures, captioned with "Editable filling, shadow, reflection..."
  • Each label is in black text, and the icons have drop shadows for a three-dimensional effect.
  • There are two icons at the bottom, one person and another with a clock, which appear to be examples of icon customization.

The slide has a modern and professional look, using a simple color palette and clear icons to convey its message. The icons are designed with a flat design aesthetic, and combined with shadows, give a sense of depth and easy legibility.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate demographic data in a social science or urban planning presentation.
  • For visual representation during discussions about resource allocation in areas with varying population densities.
  • To accentuate timeline points in a business strategy or project plan where human resources are a factor.
  • In educational materials to explain the concepts of area, population, and time visually.

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