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Landscape Triangle Funnel 6 Pieces
from deck Infographics Funnel Diagram Pipeline Charts (PPT shapes)


Slide Content

The slide visualizes a process through a funnel with six segments, labeled 'Your sample text' and corresponding percentages ranging from 100% to 25%. Each segment is associated with an icon: a person, a light bulb, a document list, a laptop, exclamation points, and a cloud, likely representing stages or elements such as lead acquisition, idea generation, documentation, technical process, critical assessment, and cloud services respectively. The last segment points towards a thumbs-up icon, usually symbolizing approval or completion.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title "LANDSCAPE TRIANGLE FUNNEL 6 PIECES" in bold, dark text at the top.
  • Six colored, diagonal, elongated triangle sections forming a funnel shape.
  • Each triangle has a distinct color gradation from dark to light: gray, green, purple, blue, dark gray, and lighter gray.
  • Inside each triangle section, there is an icon with a surrounding circle, representing different concepts:
  • A person silhouette in the first segment indicative of individuals or customers.
  • A lightbulb in the second segment suggesting ideas or innovation.
  • Stacked papers in the third segment representing documentation or data.
  • A laptop in the fourth segment symbolizing technology or processing.
  • Two exclamation points in the fifth segment denoting alerts or warnings.
  • A cloud in the sixth segment, potentially implying cloud computing or storage.
  • Text placeholders labeled 'Your sample text' above each segment indicate areas for customization.
  • On the bottom, percentages decrease from 100% in the first segment to 25% in the last, indicating the narrowing nature of a funnel.
  • At the end of the funnel, there is a thumbs-up icon, likely representing success or goal achievement.

The slide is designed with a clean, modern aesthetic, using bright colors to differentiate sections and icons to visually communicate the step or idea associated with each stage in the funnel. The funnel provides a visual representation of a decreasing process or filtering progression.

Use Cases

  • Illustrating stages of a sales process or customer journey, where prospects are narrowed down to leads, and then to actual customers.
  • Depicting a project development lifecycle, showing how ideas are shaped and refined until final approval.
  • Outlining a workflow or production line in manufacturing or service delivery, clarifying how input is processed through various stages.
  • Presenting a marketing strategy, highlighting how campaigns are designed to attract, engage, and convert targets into clients.

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