PowerPoint Slide with Machine Learning Algorithms Chart
from deck AI & Machine Learning Presentation Diagrams (PPT template)

Slide content:

This is a machine learning algorithms chart graphic example for presenting a problem. As an example problem in this slide, we have added the challenge to create an intelligent robot decision-making system able to move on the table, see and avoid obstacles, and reach the given goal. As a solution, we will use machine learning by choosing an appropriate algorithm depending on the type of problem. The approaches can involve using supervised learning models - classification and logistic regression; or unsupervised learning techniques - clustering, reduction, dimensionality, and recommendation; or reinforcement learning e.g. neural network with reward maximization. Check the whole deck of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning PowerPoint Template for more ideas.

Notice how this slide represents this problem-to-solution process by a simple decision tree structure diagram.

Slide infographic description:

Grey Rectangular Text Blocks, Colorful Banners, Arrow Vectors, Flat Outline Icons, Machine Learning Icon, Structured Data Outline Icon, Brain Icon, Cluster Icon, Editable Vector Shapes and Graphics, White Background

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