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Forestry in numbers

Slide Content

Forestry in numbers is a slide that presents statistical insights into global forestry. The slide contains four key pieces of information: 1) "30% of land area covered by forests," which indicates the percentage of the Earth's land covered by forest; 2) "Annual forest loss of 0.11%," showing the rate at which forests are diminishing each year; 3) "400 million tones of paper consumed annually," suggesting the volume of paper products used globally on an annual basis; 4) "10% of global energy needs is supplied with fuel wood," which reflects the contribution of wood as a source of energy worldwide.

Graphical Look

  • The slide's background is white with a dark header containing the slide title in white text.
  • A green left-hand margin is present with the word "USAGE" and "example."
  • There are four squares, each with a different background color, arranged in a 2x2 grid under the title.
  • Each square contains a large bold percentage or number in white, paired with a descriptive subtitle below in smaller black text.
  • Iconic illustrations accompany each statistic: a group of trees, a circular arrow with a hand and seedling, a printer, and flames with logs, respectively.
  • The squares and margin have rounded corners, and all icons are stylized and simplistic.

The slide is cleanly designed with a professional color scheme and legible text. The use of icons and contrasting colors effectively conveys key data at a glance.

Use Cases

  • Presenting environmental statistics at an academic conference or workshop.
  • Discussing sustainable development goals in a corporate social responsibility (CSR) meeting.
  • Use in educational settings for teaching about environmental science and resource management.
  • Reporting industry-specific data within the forestry or paper production sectors.

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