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Slide Content

The slide is titled "Products" and outlines different products derived from forestry with associated icons. "Logs / Timber" refers to raw wood harvested from trees, typically destined for further processing. "Lumber / Sawn Timber" signifies processed wood cut into planks or other shapes, ready for construction or manufacturing. "Wood pulp / Paper" indicates the raw material used in papermaking. "Energy forestry" encompasses the use of trees and woody plants as a renewable energy source like biomass.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, professional style with a white background and a soft green header.
  • The title "Products" is presented in a large, bold font centrally aligned at the top.
  • Four icons, each with a different product representation, are arranged horizontally across the slide.
  • Under each icon, there is a label for the product it represents: Logs/Timber, Lumber/Sawn Timber, Wood pulp/Paper, and Energy forestry.
  • The icons are stylized, simple, and use a limited color palette, mainly shades of green and brown.
  • Additional icons rendered for dark backgrounds and natural color versions are shown at the bottom in two parallel rows.

The slide is visually minimalistic and uses earthy tones to complement the forestry products theme. The graphics are designed for adaptability across different presentation background colors.

Use Cases

  • Introducing a company's range of forestry products in a business presentation.
  • Educating stakeholders about the various segments of a forestry-based business.
  • Demonstrating the product diversity of a company within the timber or paper industry.
  • Using in an environmental lecture to discuss the different uses of forest resources.

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