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List of seven elements and central header
from deck Outline Diagrams - Ultimate Deck for Visual Presentations (PPT graphics)

List of 7 Elements and Central Header

Slide Content

The slide presents a central concept titled "Your headline" surrounded by seven elements with individual headers. Each element has an icon and placeholder text, suggesting a customizable template structure where specifics can be inserted. The icons include a graph, a shopping cart, quotation marks, a user silhouette, gears, a globe, and a bar chart, representing different aspects or topics that might relate to the central headline.

Graphical Look

  • The central focal point is a large grey circle with the phrase "Your headline" in bold, dark lettering at the center of the slide.
  • Surrounding the central circle are seven arrows pointing outward to individual rectangular elements, each with its own header and placeholder text box.
  • Each individual element is color-coded with a light blue border and a highlight color that matches the icon within it.
  • The icons include a bar chart, a cash register, quotation marks, a user silhouette, gears, a world map, and a shopping cart, all stylized and minimalistic.
  • Below each icon within the elements is a header in bold, emphasized by a green highlighted background leading into a larger text box for additional content.
  • The overall graphic design is clean, with a balance of text and imagery, following a symmetrical and radial composition that conveys organization and connectivity.

The slide has a professional, crisp aesthetic with a structured layout that enforces a clear visual relationship between the central idea and surrounding elements.

Use Cases

  • To present a business strategy and its components, displaying how various aspects are interconnected with a central objective.
  • In marketing presentations to outline a campaign's key elements with a focus on how each part supports the core message.
  • For educational purposes, demonstrating how different concepts or themes radiate from and contribute to a main subject or theory.
  • During project management updates, to illustrate progress and interdependencies across different workstreams tied to the main project goal.

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