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List for placing Activities with Drops opposite each other Diagram Template
from deck Infographics Teardrops Lists Template (flat PPT Diagrams)

Teardrop Diagram List – 10 items, 2 rows, color

Slide Content

The slide presents a teardrop diagram list composed of ten colorful circular elements arranged in two rows, which are designed to categorize information. Each circular element is complemented by a space for a subtitle and a bullet-point, typically to expand on the subtitle or highlight key details. This layout facilitates a clear and organized presentation of multiple, probably related or sequential, data points or concepts in a visually engaging format.

Graphical Look

  • The slide is divided symmetrically into two equal rows.
  • Each row contains five circular teardrop-shaped icons with dual-color designs.
  • The colors of the icons vary, including green, orange, purple, blue, and grey.
  • Next to each icon is a text placeholder for a subtitle, followed by a bullet point with additional placeholder text.
  • The design is clean, with a white background that provides contrast to the colorful icons.
  • There are no additional images or graphics beyond the icons and text fields.

The overall look of the slide is modern and minimalistic, emphasizing clarity and readability. The use of color helps distinguish between different sections.

Use Cases

  • To outline steps in a process or workflow during a business presentation.
  • To showcase a list of services or product features in a marketing pitch.
  • For summarizing research findings or data points in an academic or business report.
  • As an agenda or table of contents in the beginning of a workshop or seminar presentation.

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