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Light circular list template placing 9 elements
from deck Shutter Graphic & Circle Segment Diagrams (PPT Template)

Light Circular List Diagram Template - 9 Elements

Slide Content

The slide depicts a light circular list diagram with 9 elements, each represented by a colored circle containing an icon, connected by a line that forms a loop to show continuity or a cycle. Each element has space for text, suggesting that the diagram can be customized for various uses such as outlining steps in a process, presenting connected ideas, or showing a sequence of events where each item plays a significant role in the overall scheme.

Graphical Look

  • The primary visual element is a circular loop made up of a light gray line with colored connection points.
  • Each connection point has an associated colored circle containing a unique icon, employing bright and varied colors for easy distinction.
  • A placeholder text ("Your sample text here.") is provided next to each colored circle to indicate where explanatory text can be added.
  • Each icon within the colored circles is simple and represents a different concept/action, like a gear for settings or a cup for a break.
  • The colors of the circles range from green to blue, orange, purple, and other shades, providing contrast and a visually appealing palette.

The overall look is clean and professional with a vibrant color scheme that captures attention. The use of icons within the circular diagram enables quick understanding of each point's relevance or theme.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate steps in a business process or cycle where the order of actions is crucial.
  • To showcase strategies or services that are interconnected, emphasizing how each component leads to the next.
  • To outline stages of project development or product lifecycle in presentations to stakeholders.
  • To demonstrate continuous improvement or quality management systems where each element contributes to the overall process.

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