Pyramid Communication Example - Seven Levels of Communication PPT Template
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This Pyramid Communication Example shows an example of the Seven Levels of Communication. This principle was created by Barbara Minto, a McKinsey consultant, and is used by top consulting firms. Minto pyramid principle shows how employees communicate in a company, from the most effective communication method which is at the top of the pyramid to the least one which is at the bottom. There are icons next to each level to illustrate the communication method in a creative way. As shown in the example, the most favorable method is 1-on-1 meetings. This is followed by events, phone calls, handwritten notes, and electronic communication. The least favorable method of communication is direct mail. You can use This diagram is an important tool to master the consulting case interviews. Management consultants deal with tough situations in consulting projects. This is why consultants gather facts and data points for every project. However, clients do not have time to understand the situation because they are busy with their jobs. Minto's pyramid principle helps busy business executives gather data to support clients because it uses vertical relationships. The pyramid presentation principle works in two ways. The first one is inductive reasoning which means that you gather supporting data until you get a recommendation. The second one is deductive reasoning starts with recommendations first followed by supporting reasons.

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