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Icons Set: Computer, Smartphone, Data Silo, Monitor, Programming, Tablet
from deck Multi-level Layer Diagrams (PPT Template)

Outline Icons Set 2

Slide Content

The slide titled "Outline Icons Set 2" showcases a collection of icons related to technology and idea generation. The icons include a Computer which represents computing devices, Mobile phone (Smartphone) for connectivity and personal technology, Data Silo indicating isolated data storage, Database for data management systems, Analytical Thinking symbolized by a cogwheel in a human head, Bulb (Idea) for creativity or ideas, Monitor representing display screens, Programming indicated by HTML tags, and Tablet as a portable touch-screen device.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is divided diagonally into two color sections: a lighter shade at the top and a darker shade at the bottom.
  • The title "Outline Icons Set 2" is prominently displayed at the top of the slide.
  • A text phrase "Fully editable icons" is positioned in the top right corner inside a dark teal banner.
  • Eight icons are arranged in two rows of four, each icon being a simple line drawing representative of the items listed in the text.
  • The icons are uniformly styled with a thin line weight and a slight shadow effect, which gives a sense of depth.
  • One icon – the bulb – is highlighted with a circular teal background and is larger than the other icons.
  • A text box at the bottom right corner encourages viewers to check their website for more icons.
  • The icons and text are balanced with ample white space, contributing to a clean and modern aesthetic.

The overall look of the slide is sleek and professional, using a minimalistic design. The use of contrast in both color and size helps to draw attention to the featured bulb icon.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate different concepts during a technology or business presentation, where each icon can represent a specific topic or idea.
  • In educational material, to visually represent different areas of digital literacy or innovation-related subjects.
  • As part of a slide deck in a marketing pitch, where icons are used to break down services or features of a tech product for easier understanding.
  • To enhance visual communication in reports or proposal documents that require iconography to convey concepts at a glance.

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