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Eight items 3D layers diagram with flat icons and text description
from deck Multi-level Layer Diagrams (PPT Template)

Multi-Level Diagram Template with 3D Layers Graphics – 8 Items

Slide Content

This slide represents a multi-level diagram with eight separate layers. Each layer is associated with an icon and space for descriptive text, potentially signifying different stages or aspects of a complex process. Layer 1 features a telescope icon which might symbolize vision or exploration. Layer 2 has a battery icon possibly denoting energy or resources. Layer 3 uses the interconnected rings, often representing relationships or networks. Layer 4 shows a hand, indicating either stop or high-five, symbolizing interaction or warning. Layer 5 has a diamond, which can stand for quality or value. Layer 6 employs a chess piece icon, perhaps suggesting strategy or leadership. Layer 7 with a computer monitor might stand for technology or analytics. Lastly, Layer 8 uses a tablet icon which could represent mobile access or digitalization.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white which provides high contrast for the colorful elements.
  • An isometric 3D layered stack graphic sits in the center, using a grayscale base with colorful top edges for each layer.
  • Each layer edge color corresponds with a circular icon on the left and right side of the graphic, creating a visually balanced design.
  • Icons are minimalistic and encircled by a colored line with matching hues to the edges of the 3D layered graphic.
  • Each icon is paired with a horizontal line and text box for customization, situated directly across from their respective layers.
  • Text areas are designated by the words "Sample text. You can write your text here." in a sans-serif typeface, which provides a clean and modern feel.

The overall look is organized and visually engaging with a balance of colors and shapes that draws the viewer’s eye through the slide. The 3D effect gives depth to the presentation, enhancing the hierarchical representation of the information.

Use Cases

  • Presenting hierarchical business structures or organizational layers within a company.
  • Illustrating the breakdown of a complex project into manageable stages or components.
  • Explaining the layers of a service offering or product features to potential clients or investors.
  • Visualizing the step-by-step progression of a strategy or process improvement plan in a meeting or report.

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