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Corporate Responsibility Area Layers Slide

Corporate responsibility, also known as corporate social responsibility or CSR, refers to the ways in which businesses consider and address the social, environmental, and economic impacts of their operations. Corporate responsibility can encompass a wide range of areas, including environmental sustainability, fair labor practices, philanthropy, and ethical business conduct. Companies may choose to focus on certain areas of corporate responsibility based on their specific business operations and the needs of their stakeholders. This PowerPoint template visualizes 6 different corporate social responsibility areas with different colored layers and icons to create an engaging look.

What Does This Corporate Responsibility Area Layers Diagram Include?

  • 6 Layered diagram corresponding to different CSR areas with their own icons.
  • Icons: Handshake, leaves, judge gavel, holding coin, communication, group.
  • Fair, sustainable, legal, giving, ethical, and social principles with text tables.
  • White background.

This Corporate Responsibility Area Layers Diagram slide is a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Diagrams PowerPoint Template.

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